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How can we help you?

  • Drive more customers to your website
  • Drive more customers to your venue
  • Optimise your Ads spendings
  • Anticipate customer trends & changes

Our services

  • SEO for higher ranking on Google
  • SEM for higher returns on Ads
  • Web design for unique experiences
  • Branding for your vision to be alive
  • Market study for what's to come

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The data agency for bars & restaurants

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Singapore office
160 Robinson Rd, #14-04, Singapore 068914

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Mars office
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About us

Data nerds & food lovers on a mission to create the best agency for restaurants.

Facilate data literacy

Wiridis was born in 2019 out of the desire to free enterprises from the burden of the analytical process and repetitive tasks. We thrive to make the decisive stories hidden in data accessible to everyone in real time. Data once properly collected and streamlined is a great leverage for the prosperity of the community.

Be a partner & an incubator

We see our role as a partner and an incubator. It's the collision of talents in a friendly environment that makes innovation possible. We regularly spin-off our own ideas and incubate promising data science projects that fits our vision and our expertise.

What we have in common

Impact driven

Data can be a meaningless word nowadays or even a subject of concerns for everyone. We want to give back ownership to data to people, communities and enterprises. Wiridis at heart works towards being the interface between data and meaningful actions.


We are a team who enjoy learning and teaching. It's by giving to our team mates and to the community that we aim to grow. As much as possible we want to share complex products in a compelling and actionable way. We believe that whatever is well conceived is clearly said.


Curiosity is at the base of our work and life. It is what pushes us to work harder, to find the missing pieces and to enjoy the process of discovery. This can only be fruitful in a motivated and tolerant organisation for mistakes and tests.

Who we are


[email protected]

I grew up in the 90s and I still hold on to the dream of one day becoming McGyver or The Pretender. On every trip I make, I always look for the best cocktails in town and I could spend hours talking ingredients.


[email protected]

Having my parents as historic monuments architects, it pushed me since a young age to look at structures around me. It materialised for me in computers it was a way to communicate and build across borders.

What inspired us

Our name

Wiridis comes from the latin  [ˈwɪ.rɪ.dɪs], to be verdent.

It embodies our aim to  sprout youthful ideas towards data science in business. It is also one of our favourite color palette!

Our logo


Our logo is the confrontation between 2D and 3D. They collide or merge through an invisible sheet. It represents our ambition to make the abstract, analytical data more concrete and real for our partners.

Our design


With our 90s retro design, we tried to put our visitors in a mood to explore and to wander. It brings back in a time where digital communications were more simple and internet was a big new discovery.

By doing so, we tried to have our design to resonate with our will to display complex concepts in Layman's terms and orient them towards actions. It is also pretty fun to play with the windows!

Make it personal

Operating system


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  • Singapore Kopitiam

What we do

SEO / SEMRaise Your Restaurant Online Visibility To Get More Clients

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the technical term of how people find and interact with your business on and offline. Making your business more visible to online searches and giving you an understanding of how to talk to potential clientele is crucial in driving conversion to your store.

Our holistic approach to SEO & SEM

We go far beyond the usual website only approach of our competitors. We analyse your complete digital footprint and make sure that every part of your online presence is delivering the same message, a message that is in keeping with your business capability and vision. All of your social and web channels should reflect the same values to drive traffic throughout your digital ecosystem. That way we ensure you maximise your online strategy.

  • Is my website optimised for mobile and speed?
  • Do I use the latest security & technology features?
  • Is my content inline with my brand and SEM strategies?
  • Where can I grow my backlinks?

newGet your free website health check!

If you are using a web-development platform such as Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress or any other similar service, it is unlikely that you are getting the very best out of your website. If you are serious about upping your online game, contact us now!

Reporting & AnalyticsReport On How Much Your Restaurant Spends On Ads Every Month!

With multiple platforms on which to promote your business, staying on top of them all can be time consuming, not to mention confusing. We are here to help you structure all the data from collection to analysis so you can drive your business serenely. From Google Analytics to Facebook Ads we got it all covered.

Reports & dashboards to stay on top of your digital expenses

Reporting is crucial in making sure you understand your marketing spend; which campaign works and which does not. Using our actionable, easy to use dashboards and reports, you will understand exactly where you are getting the most value from your investment and which strategies need to be dropped. We are dedicated to making sure that you get the very most out of your advertising dollar.

new Modern reports for modern times: Get your free templates!

For more information, look at our Expertise window. And if you are still using slides and sheets to do your reports, it is time to  contact us or to check out our templates!

BrandingBring To Life Stronger, More Attractive Restaurant Brands

When it comes to your digital strategy, a common mistake is to get hung up on analytics when assessing the success of your published content, advertising spend and traffic. These are all important, but it’s crucial that your brand message and vision is clear, concise and engaging.

Engagement through clear vision & values

We will help you to create a strong brand and clear vision, this is what will engage the attention and create a loyal clientele, which gives your business sustainability and longevity. Once we understand your values, your positioning and what you offer, we will help you bring your brand to life. Does your digital presence match your real life experience? Here are some key questions you should be asking yourself.

  • Is my brand message clear?
  • How do I perform versus my competitors?
  • Who are my customers/potential customers?
  • Am I talking to & engaging with my customers?
  • What content works best for me?

Web developmentMove Your Restaurant Out Of The Ice Age Of Web Design

With three decades of combined experience, in web development, brand building, SEO & SEM optimisation and digital marketing strategies, we will help you realise your vision by bringing your brand to life through a vibrant website that offers users an interactive and engaging experience.

Awesome web design with awesome performances

We optimise all parts of the site to ensure maximum SEO and SEM impact. Check out some of our advantages.

  • Custom Web Designs
  • Update Of Existing Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress Templates
  • SEO, SEM And Brand Optimised Sites
  • Mobile-first Development for the best experience on mobile
  • Integrated Analytics: Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel Etc...

Market studyUnderstand & Anticipate Changes In Your Clientele Behaviour

Once you have created your brand and perfected your online presence, it is important to remain relevant.

Market studies for the digital era

In the digital era, market trends change rapidly, staying on top of these changes and, where possible anticipating them, will help you remain relevant to existing customers as well as attract future clientele through gaining valuable market share in the long run. Our market experience will be invaluable in offering your business actionable insights, making sure you are ready for what is to come.

What we play with

Analytics toolsCollecting & Analysing The Right Data For Your Restaurant

Analytical Tools are at the heart of the modern business decision making process. With so much data available to you, a proper framework and understanding is key to turning those insights into positive results. Here are some of the tools and how we use them to maximise your business potential.

Web Traffic: Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel

These are the most familiar in name, but what are they and how do you make them work for you?

These are pieces of code that are placed on the back end of your website, and they collect data that will help you understand exactly which ads are working best for you. This will allow you to get the very most out of every advertising dollar spent, understand and build target audiences and reach people who have previously interacted with you online. These are crucial in understanding your clientele, making sure you spend. your advertising budget in the most constructive way, maximising your return.

Web Optimisation: Hotjar, FullStory & Google Optimize

Understanding how many people visit your website and how they got to your site is the first step in web optimisation. The second, is how those people interact with your website content. With this knowledge, you will know exactly what parts of your site are the most effective and how they can be improved and which parts of the site need to be rethought. This also gives you the ability to test new ideas on your site and find out if they are successful or not.

Using the insights, understand how long your clientele spend on your website and which parts they are attracted to and optimise your site to drive more business.

Advertising platformsAre You Getting The Most From Your Advertising Spend?

Targeted Ads are an integral part of digital marketing nowadays. Making sure your ad is seen by the right audience in the right place at the right time can be the difference between success and failure. Organic content and SEO can only get you so far and a strong digital advertising strategy can make all the difference.

Google Ads & Facebook Ads

These are the two giants, with the ability to reach a huge amount of digital traffic, not only do they allow you to connect to the world’s largest search engine and biggest social network, they have micro-targeting features that give you the ability to identify, target and reach the exact demographic for your business. Getting your message in front of the people that you know are a perfect fit for your business is one of the most important goals when considering any digital marketing. Yes, it all sounds so straight forward but, as any of you will know from experience, there is a skill to making these tools work for you, which is why you need our help to navigate.

Instagram Ads & YouTube Ads

These are growing platform ads that offer a slightly different target audience, although there is definitely some crossover between Facebook. There is no one-size-fits-all here and being aware of the potential of both of these platforms and including them in your digital marketing plan is important. They both offer something slightly unique in their demographic and can also help to drive awareness of your business as well as driving revenue.

Cloud servicesLeveraging on machine learning for your restaurant

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

This is a popular buzz word but more than that, it can have the biggest impact on your company’s performance. Imagine having the ability to understand how your digital marketing and advertising is received by those you are trying to reach? Using artificial intelligence, understand which events you promote are the most engaging to potential customers, know which social media posts capture the imagination and drive traffic to your site and in turn your venue. Anticipate both busy and low activity periods online and adapt your strategies to get the very most out of everything that you do digitally. In an easy-to-understand and manage way, we incorporate the best AI technologies, giving you, business owners, the ability to focus on what matters most.

Google App Maker: Dedicated custom applications available on Android

Whatever you do to track online behaviour to your site you could have available in your physical store as well. Imagine all the conversations that your employees have with your clientele, the interactions they engage in. This is a huge potential source of structured data that could be utilised to better target your online audience and drive more business every day. By working on your business process and identifying points of data collection, we can create custom applications for everyone in your company to use collaboratively.

Website builderGetting the most out of standard website services


The world’s most used open software for creating/ building your website, with up to a third of all current live websites using this platform. The content management system has broad functionality, themes and complex features but can be tough to understand and with little in-system help, you will be relying on forums and previous experience of others users to solve your problems. We have experience in this system so, even if we are not building the website for you, we can help you get the very most out of your current set up.

Squarespace, Wix & Others

All-In-One website templates are perfect for beginners to get a website live quickly but, unless you have an understanding of the basics, your site can look pedestrian at best. If a potential client visits your website and it looks like a school project, they are not returning. The basic templates are easy to use but if you want to customise your site in any way, that’s where you can run into trouble quickly. We can help make your site look much more on-brand and give you the necessary SEO tools that are often missing from this type of platform.

While we always prefer to deliver a custom-built website for our clients, if you are already using one of these platforms, we can help you get the very most out of them. If you opted for one of these services and you feel limited or constrained,  give us a hola we might be able to help!

Our partners

Benny's Cocktails and Grill in Phuket

Benny's Grill & Cocktails, Phuket

Optimise social content and advertising spendings to bring client all year long in the restaurant.

Le Noir in Singapore

Le Noir, Singapore

Raise visibility of the two outlets in the city for live concerts & cocktails

Artez, France

Artez, France

Identify growth markets for absinthe & pastis products outside of France.

What we've built



Be mindful of your time
Time management made simple & actionable

Connect all your apps and your calendars for an automatic tagging of your events. Get a clear view and do the changes that need to be done for a more sustainable lifestyle.

More to come

Keep in touch with us to know what we are building!

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